Together We Create the Story of
Your Event

We are event organisers through and through and we put a big piece of ourselves into our work. That´s why we already know that every online event you hold can become excellent and original with our help. In order for everything to run like clockwork, it´s important to plan, prepare, secure, calculate, design and adapt everything.
So, let´s get started!

End Credits

A sparkle in the eyes, rapturous applause, words of praise from all of the attendees of the online event and you, our satisfied client, in the centre of it all. That´s the real reason we enjoy our work so much! 

Go Time

The lights are on, the cameras are running, the whole team is on standby. D-Day is here and we work full throttle, so that everything goes as planned.


Have you given us the green light? Then, let the preparations begin! Everything we have planned is promptly set in motion and it's all hands on deck. But we still consult and discuss everything with you.

The Vision Becomes Reality

This is where our ideas get put in practice. We present our draft of the event and wait with anticipation for your feedback. Have you heard the phrase, "different strokes for different folks"? We always have another event idea in our back pocket just in case.


This second phase is where our grey matter gets its workout. We already know what you need. Now is the time to get the ideas flowing.

Initial Size-Up

In person or online - the initial size-up is the building block of a happy collaboration. Who is the event for? How many will come? What do you enjoy and what interests you? We want to know every detail. 

Are you interested in virtual event?